Our vision is to provide services Government to Citizen and Business to Citizen at their door steps .

Visa Stamping in Odisha

Our vision is to provide services Government to Citizen and Business to Citizen at their door steps .

Do you need visa assistance and visa stamping services for Oman, Saudi Arab, Kuwait, USA, Switzerland, Australia, Italy or any other foreign country in this world? We have been offering visa stamping to Odisha clients for traveling overseas. Based on the type of visa, our charges, time and supportings will differ.

Visa Stamping is a critical procedure in which visa is approved in your passport. A visa stamped in Odisha can make you authorized to travel to one specific country with the consent of an immigration official. The travel authorization can be a document, but more often it is a visa stamp allowed in your passport. Some of the foreign countries do not need visa in a few conditions. However, the visa issuing country put may conditions of travel and stay, like the area of travel covered by the visa, validity period, duration of stay, the visa permits for more than one people, etc.

A visa stamping usually gives non-natives permission to enter a foreign country and remain there with mentioned conditions, such as the date of entry/exit, a limit on travel time in the country, and prevention from employment in the country. Visas are granted with the agreement for temporary permission to travel a country, and are therefore different from actual permission given to foreigners to enter and stay in that country.

Kinds of visas

  • Visit visa
  • Business visa
  • Tourist visa
  • Transit visa
  • Job visa
  • Student visa
  • Residence visa

Visa Validity Period

Visas are single-entry documents which get cancelled as soon as the applicant leaves the issuing country; double-entry, or multiple-entry to allow you two times or many entries into the same country in different time. Some of the foreign countries also offer re-entry visas that enable you to temporarily leave a country for some time without canceling the visa. In fact a business visa is short term permit and need to be extended or renewed by the applicant to continue working in the country. Once your visa is issued and stamped in your passport, you will have to use within its valid period of time otherwise it would lapse.

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