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Emigration Clearance Service Odisha

According to 1983 emigration act, some of the Indian immigrants need to apply for emigration clearance and avail it from the POE (protector of emigrant) before going to a few selected countries. This act is applicable to all those Indian citizens who are leaving their native country with intent of job placement in another country.

All passports in India are categorized into two different categories. They are Emigration check required in passport (ECR) and Emigration check not required in passport. (ECNR)

All the passports that have been availed before 2007 and no notation in them indicate ECR i.e. emigration check required. For those obtained after or around January 2007 and no notation in them indicates that emigration check not required (ECNR). If ever emigration is required on them then there will be a special ECR endorsement in the Blank 2nd page of the passport.

We can help with emigration check required for a selective number of countries such as Bahrain, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Burnei, Jordan, Indonesia, Oman, Libya, Lebanon, Qatar, Sudan, Thailand, Syria, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Yemen, Thailand etc.

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