Our vision is to provide services Government to Citizen and Business to Citizen at their door steps .

Birth Certificate Attestation

Our vision is to provide services Government to Citizen and Business to Citizen at their door steps .

A Birth certificate is a legal record of the place and date of an individual’s birth, generally including the parents’ names. Attestation on birth certificate is required especially for securing a family Visa in Gulf countries like Qatar, Bahrain, UAE, Oman, Kuwait etc. We can help you with birth certification attestation in Odisha, India, making it easier for you to get your family Visa in any of the foreign countries.

Birth Certificate Attestation involves the process of authentication of a birth certificate by authorized personnel after thoroughly verifying its originality. With this attestation it becomes easy to prove that the specific birth certificate has been obtained from the right department and bears signature and Seal that are genuine.

Birth Certificate Attestation involves verification and legalization of the birth document so that you can use it for migration, travel and other official work in distant Countries including USA, UAE, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Europe, Australia and more. Birth Certificate Attestation is needed to be done from the issuing country of the document. And the first and mandatory step is Notary attestation. It involves two types i.e District notary attestation and state notary attestation of birth documents. After getting attested by state Notary we will care to apply for the concerned state home department attestation. Thereafter we will apply for Ministry of External Affairs. MEA will take care to attest your birth document issued in Odisha or any other Indian state before submitting it to the country Embassy where you are destined to travel.

At Certificate Attestation Odisha, We are capable to handle GAD / Home Department/ Home Ministry, Secretariat and Notary Attestation, Ministry of External Affairs Attestation, Foreign Embassy or Consulate Attestation and MOFA attestation required your Birth Certificate. Contact us with your birth certificate attestation needs today!